We The North (aka Thanksgiving in Toronto)

I've had dreams of travelling the world but it wasn't until recently that I started thinking seriously about visiting our neighbor to the north.  So when my friend Shakeia brought it up as a place to celebrate her birthday, we booked flights and made arrangements to spend Thanksgiving in Toronto, ON. 

We booked a townhouse on the edge of the city with Airbnb (which I pretty much plan to do every time I travel going forward.)  Our first stop? Food, obviously.


We stopped by Prohibition Gastrohouse because it was a short walk from where we were staying.  It soon became our bar of choice - "Cheers" if you will - as we stopped by almost every day thereafter.  Great service, "hooch hour" specials, and bison burgers.  Very good choice for our first night there. 

The next day was our first outing using Toronto's public transportation system, which turned out to be a pretty convenient way to get around.  For $11 CAD, we got an all day pass for unlimited rides on any of the TTC system streetcars, buses, and subways.

Note: On the weekend, a whole family can ride on one pass! Unfortunately, most of our trip occurred on weekdays, so we had to get one of these daily.

Our first order business for the day was Shakeia's number one priority: The Hockey Hall of Fame.  I know absolutely nothing about hockey, but what the birthday girl wants...

Once we left the Spirit of Hockey, it was time for what I was sure would be my favorite part of the trip: Graffiti Alley.  It is essentially a 1km walk down a downtown alley full of wall art and murals. It was stunning. We took lots of pics. And obviously turned it into a photo shoot lol.

Honestly, the street art in Toronto deserves its own shine. So I'll wait and flood all the pictures there in the next post. Suffice it to say, it was spectacular.

We walked the streets for a bit, I discovered thigh high socks, we attempted to get tattoos and then... well I don't remember. Probably Cheers. Let's just move on to the next day lol.

The two goals for our second full day in Toronto: neighborhood walking and SHERLOCK.

I'm kind of a huge Sherlock fan. That's an understatement. I LOVE the stories. And I love when TV and film follow the books to provide a quality viewing experience (See BBC's Sherlock. AMAZING.)  So when we found out the Toronto Reference Library had a special section dedicated to the author, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, I was more than a little excited. 

Bonus: There was an orchestra quartet playing downstairs when we walked in. I have a thing for libraries, and Toronto Reference Library is definitely high on the list. 

We left the Reference Library and decided to go walking through the Church-Wellesley neighborhood. "Toronto's lesbian, gay, bi and trans village."   We saw more awesome wall art, very cute shops, and a cool bar to satisfy our beer and fries craving. 

From here we took the train to the CN Tower. You know what's overrated? The CN Tower.

Seriously, of all the recommended things to do in Toronto, this is one you can skip. Save your $36 CAD for something else. It was underwhelming. Still, y'all want pics right? Cool. 

The view was admittedly cool. And that glass floor - though terrifying for me - was pretty gorgeous.

Still can't recommend it. 

So that was my trip to "The North." It was one of the first cities I visited where I could both picture myself living there and returning for a visit. Unfortunately, Canada isn't too keen on just letting me fall through as a resident so I'll settle for the latter.

Until next time... <3