Toronto Street Art

One of the places I was most excited to visit during my recent trip to Toronto was Graffiti Alley, 

mostly because Google Images told me I was in for a colorful treat. As usual, Google was right.

We weren't exactly sure where our tour of Graffiti Alley would start but we knew the general vicinity we should be in.  As we walked the streets downtown, we both noticed the Wu-Tang symbol on the wall and got intrigued. And why the Brooklyn reference in Canada? Turns out it was a bat signal, leading us to the beginning of the 1km urban art journey through Toronto's Fashion District

There was ALL kinds of art, with varying messages. 

And of course, SO many opportunities for photo shoots.

It was a nice stroll through the various murals. The vibrant colors were a sight to behold.

The street art scene didn't stop at Graffiti Alley though. It seemed like everywhere we went, there were more gorgeous paintings in our view.

And not just the walls!

Toronto has SO much to offer, and we had a ball while we were there.  If you visit, make sure you don't miss a fun (and budget friendly) walk through Toronto's street.  You never know where you might have to stop for a selfie :)

*S/o to my photographer in crime, Shakeia!*