The Desire Map

As recommended by my dear friend Robyn, I am reading The Desire Map. And page after page, it is confirming everything I believe about how I move through the world. 

Simply put, I don't do what I don't want to do.  And what makes me feel good, I spend a lot of my time doing.

This means sometimes I don't attend events that I'm invited to, even when I don't have conflicting plans, or pick up the phone when I'm not busy.  It means I don't always answer a question just because it's asked, and I don't force myself to come up with an answer if I don't have one.  It means I started a blog.  It means I haven't had a job longer than 2 years. It means I quit studying for the CPA. It means I'm finding my way.

What it also means is that, more often than not, I feel happy and I feel free.  I know that my life is exactly what I make of it, and every day I have the opportunity to make a different choice.  I can do whatever I want, so I do.

Things happen.  Negative things.  Bad things.  None of us are above that which is life stepping in and knocking us off of our pedestals just to show who's boss.  So I cry, and I yell and I sit in my misery when the situation calls for it. But then, one day, I get tired.  And that moment when you get tired of feeling it is the moment you make the choice to do something else.  

So here I am, goalless and unapologetic.  I am living my life as I see fit, rejecting the labels that I've been putting on myself and blaming on you.

Trying. Doing. Learning. Going.
I trust you will do the same.