The Bench that Brittany Built

I'm on a project hiatus.

Between the all-white affair I just completed and the fact that my house just hit that Goldilocks "just right" stage in terms of furniture, I think I'll leave it alone for a bit.

Until I find a new piece. Because you know. That's how it happens.

In the meantime, luckily I have friends on the DIY train who are inspired to create their own new things. When Brittany told me she and her bf had recently built a bench inspired by Pinterest, I told her to prepare to make an appearance on the blog.

Brittany saw this pic on Pinterest and was inspired to turn her outdoor space into a similarly themed haven.  First stop, Ikea.

The visit turned out not to go quite as planned. After finding a $75 bench that did not quite meet the vision, Britt's bf offered up the option to build it himself. She was hesitant but adventurous, so Ikea was quickly abandoned for a trip to Home Depot. 

Ok, disclaimer here.  Since there was no plan for all of this to become a blog post, some pics are omitted. So, use your imagination :)

*VHS fast-forwarding sound* And here we are! Bench built!

To add some ambiance to the patio space, they also hung lights from above (similar here).

The bamboo was put up to keep neighbors from being able to look directly in on the patio.  And when outdoor pillows became difficult to find (they're out of season; seriously? Cause it's mid-summer), Brittany and the bf took to their DIY skills yet again by hand-sewing pillows using tips found here and here.

Stained while you weren't looking with Rustoleum satin spray paint (Espresso), and VOILA! Inspiration bench is now a reality. The side tables were made from scrap wood leftover from the wood cut for the bench. Nice touch!

The rug/pillow coordination was an accident, but an awesome one.  This chevron rug is an all-weather outdoor rug from Target, and the plant was an Ikea gem.

So there you have it.  A new outdoor space, built from the ground up.

Makes you want to build something don't you? Go ahead. Do.