Scenes from my Apartment

First things first, I, Poppa...

(No, not that.)

I'm about to be famous! Ok, so maybe not famous. But close. Remember my dream of being featured on Apartment Therapy?  It's coming true!  As soon as it's live, you people will be the first to know.

While I wait for my limelight, I've been posting random photos of small scenes from my apartment on Instagram, little bits and pieces of pieces and places within my humble abode.  In case you've missed what's been posted so far, here's a glimpse into my world....

As you can see, there's a running theme of Stevie Wonder and vinyl, because that's been my thing lately (I even got to see him last night!!!)  

I will continue to post on IG (#scenesfrommyapartment), ideally with more variety, but this shall serve as your teaser until my apartment spotlight is revealed :)