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I have become quite adept at saying No.  I say it frequently - with a smile or a straight face - no explanations, no excuses.  I don't feel shame or regret when I say No to a person, place or thing, because I know doing so is a small and powerful act of self-care.  But lately I'm realizing that maybe I need to try out a Yes every once in a while.

My self-revolution a few years back began with the realization that I had choices, namely the responsibility to say no when a situation did not serve me.  When I ran across the quote, "No is a complete sentence", I was sure I had found my life mantra. And so far it has served me well.  In saying No, I have chosen Me, time and time again, over those who will try to make demands on my time and space.

But lately, as I move with tiny steps outside my comfort zone, I am reminded of the importance of saying Yes. To new experiences.  To a trip you can't quite afford.  To new friends. To quality time. To a last minute drink. To an interesting conversation. 

For me, it has become much easier to say No. I'm tired or I'm not ready or I just don't damn feel like it.  But the joy that I experienced with friends, new and old, this past weekend, reminded me that sometimes it's worth it.  That every once in awhile, you have to ignore your inner creature of habit and say, "Yes. Today I'm going to go / see / do.  Today I choose Yes."

So do you, taking your life in your own hands, choosing yourself above the others, vow to add Yes to new feelings, new options and new adventures?

I do.

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