Rio - The Forgotten Post, Pt. 1

Back in the day*, I took a trip with my friend Shakeia to our second (and third) country for our now annual Thanksgiving trip.  At the time, I didn't feel like blogging. So I didn't. But I saw that I still had the pics sitting idly in my folder and figured sharing is caring, right? Now, my mind won't serve well enough to remember the details, but at least we all have the memories to see**. Walk with me...

Our Airbnb host suggested that we check out an outdoor opera in the park across the city.  We arrived and realized the opera was a film and not an outdoor performance, but the comfortable chairs provided by Sofitel more than made up for it.  (We may or may not have napped.)

We were staying in Copacabana and since we were pretty worn out from our (stressful) flight, we decided to venture around our neighborhood. That obviously included a walk on the beach! Here's a pretty intricately designed sand structure to represent the 2016 Olympics.  The guy working on it kept adding new designs while we were there, but as you can see, it was already beautifully detailed.

The next day, we'd planned to get up to see Big Jesus, but the fog was being a hater so instead we decided to head to the famous Selaron mosaic steps.

Our two home states, side by side.

Our two home states, side by side.

Honestly, these steps might have been my favorite part of the trip. The day was beautiful, and we got there just before the huge crowds arrived.  There were so many fun people, places, and things to identify on the tiles along the sides of the steps, and it was quite a workout to make our way to the top.

We left and walked the neighborhood afterwards, and got to know a bit of the street art in the city.

By then, the sun had no cover and it was the Lord's time.

View from the top

View from the top

Either later that day.... or the next day... we finally made time to lay out on the beach. It was beautiful. It was hot. It was a perfect ending to our trip.

Overall, Rio was fine, but definitely not a favorite trip of mine.  It seems a city better explored with locals, and without people as an immediate resource, I found it hard to "happen upon" things I'd enjoy (which I was even more aware of when we visited Buenos Aires, coming up next...)

*Thanksgiving, 2015
** One day I'm going to get better at sizing portrait pictures perfectly for these posts. Today is not that day.


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