On the Bench

It started with an Instagram post.

My friend Nicole posted that she would be hosting an upholstery class and I think I was the first to sign up.  I'd been looking for a new hobby, and with the move to our new place fast approaching, I was itching for ways to make it feel more personal by making something.  Since this seemed like the perfect congruence of circumstances, I registered and then immediately texted Nicole to find out when she'd be ready to go thrift shopping with me to find a piece.  We decided on Baltimore.

We went to a couple of places with no luck (I'd initially thought I would try my hand at barstools, which we needed), but by the time we stopped at Ryan's Relics, I was pretty dedicated to finding something to bring to class. Enter, the bench.  I was so excited when I saw it but wondered about my boyfriend's reaction to bringing yet another "something" home so I texted him from the store.



He was with it, and Nicole assured me that it was doable during class, so I gave the man my coins and packed it up to take it back to DC.  I was so excited the whole way home that I knew this piece of furniture was the right choice. I got it home, and did step one: take off the cord that went around each cushion and the front of the bench.

I wasn't sure what color or pattern scheme I was going to go with but I was pretty sure that regardless, the state of the wood color had to be changed.  Enter Home Depot and a wood stain in "Kona".

It took a few coats (and I'm pretty sure I still missed a few spots) but I was extremely happy at how it turned out; a dark brown that was almost black but not quite.  And then, it was class time.

Nicole patiently walked us through the painstaking process of stripping the fabric of staples and glue. It was tedious but somehow meditative at the same time. Once you got into a groove, I could see how easily you could fall into it with a smile. Next up, fabric time!  I ultimately decided on black and white, and found a very cute afro print on Spoonflower.com.  Since getting in the heavier linen fabric quickly added up, I opted to get a discounted fabric from Joann Fabrics for the seat. A good bit of stapling later, the cushions were covered.  With about 20 minutes left in class, I managed to cover the seat as well.

She still needs a few steps to consider her complete, but overall, quite proud of my first attempt. And now, we look for more things to practice on...

In the meantime, if you're looking for any professional upholstery needs, reach out to Nicole at www.nicolecrowderupholstery.com/. She'll take good care of you and your vision :)