My Middle East: Oman (aka the good part of the trip)

After two days in Dubai, we were pretty ready to get out of the city.  

Enter FlyDubai and a $100 RT ticket to Oman. I had heard great things about visiting the country and was pretty excited that we could see it within budget. We clicked "buy" immediately and prepared for our early morning flight to Muscat.

Muscat International Airport

Wait. Let me back up.

Before we boarded the plan we realized two key details that we had not considered:

  1. The exchange rate was three times what we were used to in UAE, and
  2. Taxicabs, our only method of transportation were rumored to be expensive.

As you might imagine, this made the sweet deal seem.... less so. Undeterred, we boarded the flight and figured we'd get it together when we landed. Yolo.

Map of Oman

Since our flight was late and we only had several hours available to explore the city, we jumped in the first cab we trusted, opened the map we grabbed in the airport, and selected our first destination: the Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque.  

We didn't go in because (1) it was hot and (2) our time was limited, but I would have loved to see the inside. We passed many mosques on our ride through the city, each more beautiful than the one before it. This one was just an introduction.

We only had three places on our list, and the next according to the map we were holding was the Royal Opera House. I saw a few pictures online but I was still unprepared for the majesty of the building. 

We didn't have anything else we wanted to see beyond the beach, but our driver Zayid was intent on showing us more of his city.  Even the ride over to our next destination was full of sights and sites.

And then, we made it to Qurum beach.  The coastline was too rocky to properly enjoy it but the view was picturesque.

And they had bikeshare! I was so tickled by that. 

We didn't know where else we should go, but Zayid did.  He said he had one more stop he wanted to make and we'd love it.  After a scenic drive around the city where he pointed out various forts and local places, we stopped at Port Sultan Qaboos.

So there you have it. Our "private driver" showed us a bit more of the city and dropped us off at the airport. I left wanting more. If I ever should find myself back in that part of the world again, I absolutely want to go back and experience more.