My Middle East: Abu Dhabi on Our Last Day

Since our flight back to the states was early in the morning, we thought it best to spend our final full day in Abu Dhabi.  We took yet another taxi back and arrived an hour later to check-in at the Traders Hotel.

Traders Hotel Abu Dhabi

As soon as we arrived, we had two priorities. Food and the BEACH. As soon as #1 was covered, we rushed back to enjoy the sun and sand. 

The water was cold, the service was fantastic, and the drinks were good. We stayed out there as long as we could before the sun started setting and we needed to move on.

We could've laid out there all day - and almost did - but we had one more must see. Because you can't travel to Abu Dhabi and not visit their most revered gem, right?

Yes, it's as gorgeous in real life as the pictures would imply.  We tried to catch the view before sundown but by the time we arrived and procured the proper dress, it was nightfall.  The beauty was not diminished.

And the inside was just as ornate and jaw-dropping as the outside.

I didn't mind wearing the abaya provided to all women who wished to enter but I really wanted to cover my own hair.  Thank goodness for my Wrap Life hair wrap for keeping me conservatively in style :)

Thank goodness for Oman and Abu Dhabi for making up for the disappointment in Dubai. Hope to see you again for another adventure <3