My 5 Travel Must-Haves

I aim to travel carry-on light at all times.  And to be honest, I'm not too fancy when I go out of town. But I'm efficient.  And every time I go, everywhere I go, there are five things I absolutely must take with me. 

1.  A jean jacket
It's a perfect layering piece, which I've found is pretty important no matter where you fly.  It keeps you casual, and warmer than a light sweater without having to wear a *real* jacket.  You could also take a cardigan or blazer; point is bring something to cover up when those hot days transition into cool nights. 

2. Tablet
Google, Samsung, iPad. Doesn't matter.  For those times you're caught in a (wi-fi enabled) cafe and want a screen bigger than your phone but more convenient to carry than your laptop.  Also perfect for e-reading on your flight(s).

3. Leggings
Despite the hate for the trend, I've grown far too comfortable wearing leggings as pants.  Even if you're not, these are great for lounging, as pajamas, or to throw on when you realize you need to quickly leave your hotel room without putting on real clothes. And for those of that are brave, these can get you through quite a few days just switching up the t-shirt. Under your jean jacket. See #1.

4. Passport
Because, duh.

5. Duffel Bag
If you're going to be carry-on ready, you've got to have a good carry-on bag.  I got this one from Herschel Supply (a brand I love) and it's too pretty to let anybody check.  The goal is to have a bag big enough to carry what you need plus a few wants.  

Those are my five must-carries for a weekend to 10-day trip.  What did I miss?