If you're reading this, one of two things has happened:

Either I've canceled my solo trip purchase to Tokyo for the Fall (I had 24 hours to do so without penalty).

Or I'm going to Tokyo in November and I'm terrified about it.

I'm actually ok with whichever decision has happened by the time this posts.  Because the thing is, I clicked buy.  Even though I was scared and nervous and mostly WTF, I said "ok, we'll see" and entered by credit card number.  So even if Tokyo is not the city of choice, I'm ready to make my first solo trip wherever it is that I actually choose.  

I've done some research, asked some questions, and come up with some potential itineraries. And... I'm just not sure.  I generally live by the principle "if it's not absolutely yes, it's a no", and this doesn't feel like an absolute yes.  It feels like a "you're on the right track".  So maybe it won't be Tokyo. Maybe I'll pick another place on another deal.  Maybe not. 

Either way, I'm ready to spread my wings and fly. Solo.