It Was a Good Year

This year was life-changing for me.  But let's go back.

Last year I had a lightbulb moment. I had all of these things I wanted to see, so many places I wanted to go.  But I had convinced myself that these things were impossible for me.  Specifically travel seemed so far out of my reach that I had pushed it to the back of my mind as something I could "hopefully" do "one day."  I don't remember who the conversation was with, but I expressed that to someone in 2013 who told me, quite frankly, I was wrong. That the first step was to do some research, just see how much it costs, and go from there. So I did.

2014 has been an exercise in that idea, as I moved through the year, choosing places I wanted to see near and far, and making plans to step foot on their grounds.  I flew domestically, including San Francisco and Wyoming, and even managed to cross a few international borders by visiting Costa Rica and Toronto.  I made time to explore DC, the city I've lived in for years and still haven't managed to experience properly.  And by exposing myself to this new realization about traveling, I also saw that there were areas in my life where I could adjust as I figured out more about myself. I started more DIY projects.  I tried new things to understand more about what I like (and don't like). It's been a fantastic year.  

And I got to document most of it here, on the blog I started earlier this year.  I had never really thought about blogging, considering myself not creative enough to jump into the foray, but I'm really glad I did.  It acted as an outlet, helped me get over some of my fear of trial and error, and refocus on what I wanted to share instead of the validation that accompanies likes and clicks. And I look forward to all of the adventures I will capture here in 2015.

I'm going to spend the rest of 2014 at home in Atlanta. Rest, relaxation, family and friends. Ahhh, the Good Life. In the meantime, enjoy some of my favorite pics from this year.

I'm not much of a planner in terms of goals but I have PLENTY I want to see and do next year, including potentially going to all of the places I listed here. You'll be there for it all :)

See you on the other side!

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