I Got a Haircut

If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram, you knew it was coming.  I was coming to 3 years in with what I affectionately called my "tenderonilocs" and I was ready to let them go.  After several recommendations directied me to the same place, I booked an appointment with Jamila at the Loop Salon and waited my turn. 

Locs on the floor

It's funny. You live with the same hairstyle for years, watching it grow and change and then all of a sudden, in seconds, it's on the floor.  As with my previous big hair changes, the decision was pretty impulsive and I don't regret a minute of it.  I'm sure I will experience that which I have before when it comes to rediscovering my hair, redefining what beautiful means when I look in the mirror, and having all of the fun in the process.

New Hair

So here we are, with a new haircut, and a new journey to embark on.  No idea how this will go but I"m looking forward to it.