Exploring DC: H St Festival

I was unaware of just how long the H St Festival had been going on, but I've managed to miss it every year for the past four that I've been living in the DC area. 

This weekend, a friend was in town and I needed to enjoy the beautiful weather. 2014 seemed as good a time as any to try it out.

I met up with my friend Jill and her boos to start the several block walk up and down main street (yay for being able to get there early enough to find a decent parking spot!).  

There were vendors of all types, and I liked the neighborhood feel (in spite of my conflicted feelings about gentrification in the area). It was a beautiful day. Well, for people who like Summer. For those that don't, and assumed Fall had arrived, it was a little warm. Ok, hot. Really hot.

They say DC is small but since I don't get out much (and don't feel like I know many people), imagine my surprise when I saw my friend Ty from A Gamine walking towards me! 

Initially I thought it was just a bunch of people walking slow in the heat but it turned out to be a good day. Good company, decent beer, and a walk around a neighborhood I rarely visit.  All of the win.

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