In five days, I'll be 32. 

32 y'all!

And as 31 comes to a close, I'm going to take a moment to give five things I'm grateful for. Let's get right to it (in no particular order):

1. Twitter. I found littlebrownjensuperkwaskinnyblackgirl, and curlyfro there and I am forever grateful.  I'm quite proud of the women I've chosen, near and far, all via a little portal that expanded my world a bit. Thank you, boos <3

2. My body. For a while, I berated it. For a good part of my life (as recently as last year), I took for granted all of the things about it I now find beautiful.  This body has carried me, protected me, and allowed me to move through life in a pretty spectacular way. Skin, lips, legs, tattos: I love you.

3. Nena: If you're not a dog person you can skip this part, but my dog has been there for all of my major life events. I often call her my longest commitment and my best roommate. I am lucky to have rescued her for all of the times she has rescued me.

4. My family: In particular, my mom and sister. Not always having had the best relationship, I am so happy that we don't go a day without speaking. They love me, they correct me, they support me. Always. I know that I would not be who I am were they not what they are to me.

5. Hope: There were a couple of times I've felt hopeless, broken.  There are still days I don't fell altogether..."right".  But more often than not, I believe there is more for me. And I don't know yet in what ways, but I look forward to what's ahead.

Well done, 31. 
See you soon, 32.