Exploring DC: The Cherry Blossoms Edition

Are they gone yet?

I'll admit - when I moved to DC, I didn't get the hype. I mean they're *just* flowers, right? But then I got caught up in the Cherry Blossom matrix and now I'm one of those people who watches the reports eagerly to see when they'll bloom.  So it was an easy yes to head to the Tidal Basin before the annual Cherry Blossom 10-miler to view them in early morning light before cheering on my fellow runner friends.

Despite the time there were plenty of "budding" photographers (*groan*) out there taking pics, and I practiced taking pictures with my Canon (aka my big girl camera). I took a lot of bad photos and a few good ones but it was good to get over my fear of trying with it.

While I waited for my girls to get to our spot at mile 9, I made my way to the Jefferson Memorial for the first time.

Jefferson Memorial

I actually loved the memorial (the ones with the steps tend to be my favorite) and the view was like watching from the Lincoln Memorial's cousin. 

Got back to the mile marker in time to catch my runners passing, and off course they stopped for the obligatory selfie.

Oh! And I saw a proposal! We'd been waiting for Jamie to pass from the start of the race when we saw the signs so I was geeked to catch the magic happen.

Left the race to go meet my dad who was visiting and guess where he wanted to go? Yep. So back to the District we went.... 

"Keila, we gotta take a selfie."

He'd never been to the MLK Memorial and the weather was amazing so we headed down to see the grand statue in person.

After a bit of a longer walk around the National Mall, we decided to head back.  On the way, we passed the Air Force Memorial, which I'd seen plenty driving by but never up close.

Spring has sprung in the District! Can't wait to get out and explore more during one of my favorite times of the year to live here.