Don't Call it a Comeback

I haven't felt like blogging.

I haven't felt like doing a lot of things lately (studying, cooking, running...) so blogging isn't alone on this list.  But as much as 2015 was a blog-worthy year for me, I kind of fell off in terms of documenting it. There are a lot of reasons...

  • Time - Blogging even as a side hobby is time consuming, and with a pretty rough CPA exam study schedule (I'm two tests down y'all!), it's hard to motivate myself to edit photos and produce write-ups. 
  • Pictures - I think my camera takes awesome pictures BUT I feel like (as related to excuse #1), it would take a lot less time to get posts up if I took better quality pics that required less edits. I may fix that soon with a camera purchase.
  • The Comparison Trap - Ah, the good old comparison trap, our oldest and dearest friend. I have been harder on myself than ever over the last several months, and the blog is no exception.  But then I had to remind myself what I do and who I do it for: Me. Honestly, I started this to document how awesome my 30's have been, and all the trips and falls (pun intended) that have come along with it. But then I got caught up in the "everything-ness" of blogging and let Perfection stand in the way of Production. 

So we'll see. Not making any promises of consistency or anything, but I will be back. I have so much I plan to try, do, experience, and live going forward and I want this site to be my highlight reel for whenever I feel like reviewing it.

See you later ;)