DIY: Because My TV Trays Were Boring

I haven't posted any DIY projects here in awhile because, well, I ran out of things to do! 

I live in a rental and as much as I want to overhaul my home, I don't have the money (or ownership) to do so.  Eventually I got tired of buying things and I didn't need any new items in the house so DIY projects fell by the wayside.

Recently though, I'd started looking at my tv trays (thanks, La) and thinking "hmmmm... don't those look boring?"

TV Tray

I still had some Rustoleum Aged Copper spray paint from a project I don't even remember, and initially thought I'd just paint them with that.  But then I had a vision of white legs and decided I would just use the copper for the top.  

TV Trays prep

I took the screws that I could out (I realized by the second one that ALL the screws came out, making my job a bit easier) and used painter's tape to cover the parts that had holes.  That way I wouldn't accidentally fill the holes with spray paint.  Then I spray painted the legs white with Rustoleum Painter's Touch in Gloss White.

TV Trays White Legs

Then I went back and painted the top.  Again, easier once I realized I could take the two main parts completely apart. 

TV Trays Copper Top
TV Trays complete

After letting them dry, and adding a few touch-up sprays, they were done.  I did it in my apartment which, admittedly wasn't the best idea (I'm pretty sure I almost got my dog high, even with the fans blowing) but I really like how they came out.  Completely changed the look and feel of a pretty ordinary piece of "furniture".

I needed something to hold small trinkets in my living room. This does the trick.

I needed something to hold small trinkets in my living room. This does the trick.

There you go, an easy DIY.  Next time it won't be paint. I promise :) How do you like it?