Black Girl in Montana (well, mostly Wyoming)

I recently flew into Montana and made my way to Wyoming. Not for work. Not for any reason except to experience the glory of Yellowstone National Park, America's very first.

I was invited out by a coworker from my last job, who has been working and playing in and around Yellowstone for decades.  I decided it would be nice to see the park with a veteran, and I got pretty excited about all the wildlife to be seen. Unfortunately, some of my wildlife dreams were dashed.  But I was able to see a beautiful national treasure, including the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone, the ever punctual Old Faithful, (smelly) mudpots, and some of the longest expanses of fields I'd ever seen.

I had an excellent tour guide and beautiful weather.  I'm glad I took advantage of the opportunity to head out west and see how the other half lives.  And I got in a little wildlife! Except two major players:
the Bear
and the MOOSE.

Y'all. I wanted to see a moose so bad. And since I don't know anything about anything, I just expected them to be roaming the streets. NOPE. So, in the absence of a real moose, I leave you with the closest I got to one (in Jackson, WY).