Bit by Bit


Generally I feel pretty good about myself and it shows. But the truth is, lately I've been working on some things and I beat myself up a lot. 

A lot.

I haven't been super happy with my body this past couple of weeks (post-30 metabolism hit me in a variety of ways, some good, some...challenging). I decided rather than complain I'd work on it. And I have. Kind of. The problem is when I don't, I immediately regret my choice, and talk down on my ability to make the change. The cycle is quite frustrating. (I'm having a similar issue with debt payoff. Better. But always seemingly not enough.)

On the other side of the scale, there's the CPA exam. This beast of a test has all intentions to haunt my free time for at least the next 12-18 months. And my self confidence in passing all four parts is kind of low, a mindset I've been working to - but have yet to succeed at - getting out of. So when I do practice questions and get them wrong, or study for hours and am still unable to grasp a concept?

You guessed it. I am unkind to myself. 

I'm writing this post as a reminder to me and to you that every step counts. That learning as you go doesn't equate to failure, and mistakes are what put us in a position to do better next time. We may not be able to see the entire path but our steps are guided, one by one.  We got this. Eventually. There's always another day to try to get it right. 

Now if you'll excuse me, I've gotta go study...

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