A Life Was Made to Be Lived In

 (shout out to twifey for the title / nudge)

Read this. Then come back.
No seriously.

That post has adjusted my lifestyle perspective. It has changed the way I look at my life and how I curate it, online and in the real world.  But most of all, it has made me realize that I could already be living the life I pin.

"A Home is Meant To Be Lived In, Not Looked At." That hit real close to home recently as we searched for and ultimately found our next home.  It is perfect - for us. Sure, there are some things we wish we had (like a basement, and an additional bathroom) but ultimately, the place we decided on best fits all of our wants and needs.  It's funny how quickly you start looking through other people's eyes for what you "should" have, though. And I realized that went beyond our home; it easily creeps into our lives.

I love instagram.  It's the only social network I am active on, and the place I spend most of my phone time.  But when you spend that much time watching how other people curate their lives, it's easy to get sucked into creating a life so that it presents well to others.  And it blurs the lines between who you want to be and who you want people to see you are. 

Beer Drinker.
Dog Lover.
Trip Taker.
These are the things I am.

Seamstress (I want to make curtains and cushions, maybe some pillowcases.)
Bicycle Rider (I want to be less car dependent.)
Picture Taker (I do this, but I want to take advantage of more opportunities to do so for my own collection.)
These are things I want to be.

The thing I'm starting to realize is if I spent more time living those things than figuring out ways to properly document them, the more I could accomplish in being v. wanting to be.  And really, the more time I could spend enjoying the things I already am.

My IG fascination/addiction isn't going anywhere.  And I'll continue to post and share glimpses from my life as I see fit.  But I want to make sure that in doing so, I am continuously reminding myself that life is lived out here. And if I want to be doing things, I need to be about the business of doing them. Because at the end of the day, your home doesn’t need to be ready to have its picture taken. 

And neither does your life.