Hanging Out in San Francisco


I went to San Francisco! 

It was my first visit to the Bay, and I wanted to make the best of my few days there.  So we (me and Mommy) hit the ground running. First we checked into the Westin on Market Street (great location, no free wi-fi).  Our view was pretty, but better seen outside so we got food recommendations and hit the streets.

2:37 pm,
The concierge recommended the Burger Bar located at Union Square, which was a short walk from the hotel.  The burgers were good (and I can attest, as burgers became a regular fixture on this vacation.)  The beer was pretty good too (also a recurring theme.)

2:42 pm,
Our view of Union Square from the Burger Bar.

4:23 pm,
Our plan was to take one of the famous trolleys to Fisherman's Wharf but apparently, if you don't catch it early in the morning, it can be a few hour wait to ride.  We decided to take one of the historic streetcars instead.  The fleet is made up of a diverse collection of streetcars from around the world.  This one is from Cincinnati, OH.

4:39 pm,
We made it to Pier 39!  In addition to being the home of the sea lions, there were tons of restaurants and pretty spectacular views.

4:48 pm,
Take heed: those warnings to book Alcatraz ferry tickets weeks in advance are REAL. We didn't, and this is the closest we got to it :(

4:49 pm,
Beautiful view of the city from the pier.

5:21 pm,
On our walk from the pier, we happened to catch a show by a group of street performing teens, breakdancing on the corner. It was worth the stop.

5:35 pm,
We continued walking Fisherman's Wharf and passed this bakery, where the smell almost forced us inside.  We managed to squeak by without caving, and saw some more sights along the way.

6:28 pm,
I never need a reason to hit a bookstore but seeing this one pop up on Buzzfeed as one that will literally change your life moved it up on the list a little.


7:03 am,
One of the benefits of staying at a Westin is their Gear Lending Program, which allows guests to rent a shirt, capris, and shoes for $5.  Plus a map with suggested 3- and 5- mile routes to help you on your way.  Just another incentive to get up and hit the pavement.... 

7:30 am,
Morning run view.

After breakfast, we watched the Pride Parade on Market street. SO many pictures that it deserves it's own post. So it will get one.

1:16 pm,
We took the hop-on / hop-off bus from Union Square to catch some of the other sites that were a bit further away.  The first few we had seen the day before, but I was most looking forward to the Haight-Ashbury neighborhood, which I read would feed my hippie side.

2:15 pm,
Tied with bookstores is my love of record stores.  Amoeba Music, the world's largest independent record store, was a great place to dig.

3:47 pm,
Next up Chinatown, said to be the largest outside of Asia and the oldest in North America.  I was struck by how densely populated the area is; the tour operator told us that nearly 100,000 people live in the area, which is about 1 mi x 1mi.  Also the food there was fantastic! R&G Lounge comes highly recommended.


1:43 pm,
Today was Golden Gate Bridge day! We saw some some stuff and did some things, but really this was all that mattered :)

I admit, I underestimated the awesome of San Francisco.  But by the time I left, I had fallen in love a little bit. And then there was this: 

Somebody find me an apartment.