All White Affair with Paint - A DIY Story

I paint. When I need a change, or when I find something cool that's just not right, I paint.  But I hadn't done so in a little while, so I figured the bedroom (without purpose now that I moved my bed) could use a spruce up.  My eyes first went to a desk I purchased recently for $20 from Goodwill.

First, I got my supplies together.

Then I had a talk with Nena about what was and wasn't her space.

Then I sanded.  It was a little easier since there wasn't any gloss or shine to it. I sanded just enough to create a surface that the paint would adhere better too.

After that, it was pretty straightforward.  I painted, and painted, and repainted.  As you can see, the locale of the desk had to change. Why? Because the next project stole the middle of the room.

Ever since I saw Charity and her hubby makeover a Craigslist found buffet, I've been staring at this dresser and willing myself to make a major change to it.  Since I was already in the mood, now seemed as good a time as any.

Now that the desk had been moved and the stage had been set to begin on the dresser, I put on my Community Forklift tee and got to work.

Sand, prime, paint. Wash, rinse, repeat.

After two coats of primer, I painted the dresser and drawers every day for almost 4 days.  Seriously.  I came home every day and painted or touched up each piece.  It was a calming experience, and a humbling one: I had completely underestimated the effort it takes to make dark furniture a pure white.

So that was it. That was my week. It being the first week of a new job and the week before a pretty special houseguest was scheduled to drop by made it a little more stressful, but of course I enjoyed it.  Want to see how it turned out? I thought you might.

 And those drawer pulls? $1/each courtesy of Community Forklift!

For me, the painting changed the whole room.  I LOVE how it turned out.  

And uh, Apartment Therapy? STILL READY.