You Don't Know

I got a new job!!  And I'm excited. But before today, mostly I've been scared.

Recently I had an epiphany: I could do a job I really enjoyed.  I didn't have to be stuck in a field simply because it's the area I majored in or had the most experience in.  I vowed to figure out what kind of work I wanted to do and tailor my resume and skills accordingly.  I even wrote out my priorities in my next job: 

  1. Variety
  2. Flexibility
  3. Challenging

An opportunity came up that gave all of those things and I applied and smashed the interview. When I got the call I wasn't surprised, but I was anxious.  Truthfully, I was scared to accept.

See, I'm in accounting.  And I had become pretty sure that I needed to get out of that field.  The idea of taking another job on that route scared me.  Would I be put in a box?  If this turned out not to be everything I dreamed, would it be too late to make a career change? I started approaching this decision as a Life changing decision as opposed to a simple job change.  I was terrified that I was trapping myself in a job series I wasn't sure about.

But then I remembered (with a little help from my friends) that even if this weren't the case, I'd have absolutely no idea how this will turn out.  Even if I was sure what I wanted to be when I grew up, I still couldn't be positive this was the place to do it.  As I've said many times, all I can do is make the best decision I know how based on the information I have.  And when I compile all the facts, this is a good move.

So I'm going on a new adventure. (Don't worry DC, I'm staying here. Sorry, Atlanta.)  And instead of being scared, I will be grateful.  I have a chance to try something new, and figure out new things about myself along the way.  Perspective.

Besides, as my @littlebrownjen so eloquently put it when I expressed my fear of being pigeonholed, "Eh, Martha Stewart, Maya Angelou, Paula Deen, etc all tell us this is not true."

Leh go.