Riding the Mt. Vernon Trail


7:56 am,
We decided to meet at 8am in Shirlington.  Since my bike is heavy and not at it's best, I decided to take advantage of my membership with Capital Bikeshare.  The first 30 minutes of any trip are free...remember that and trade out accordingly.

8:12 am,
Our first stop:  I needed to trade out my bike, and Nikki needed to call to make her gears more comfortable.  Note to self: always have a biker on speed-dial. You think you know but you have no idea.

8:23 am,
Crystal City was so quiet that early in the morning! I took advantage of the peace without tourists to take pictures of the very cool wall art nearby.

8:34 am,
And just like that, we were at the airport.  Sometimes it takes trips like these, by foot or two-wheeler, to remind you just how close you are to places.  This was only a couple of miles from our start!

8:47 am,
The views on the way were pretty cool.  Passing the airport I was hoping to see a plane or two fly by. Here, I had to settle for seeing them grounded.

8:52 am,
Got a quick glimpse of the Washington Monument over the highway.

8:59 am,
We made it to Gravelly Point! About 5 miles into our trip, we got to this pretty serene point. Not only did we get majestic views of the airport...

9:03 am,
...we were welcomed by the sights (and sounds) of PLENTY of airplanes flying overhead.  Seriously, if you have a flight fetish, this is one of the best places to sit and watch the planes fly by.

9:06 am,
And we met experts! When the phone calls didn't provide adequate responses, we took matters into our own hands.  Nikki introduced herself to strangers, gave a newbie disclaimer, and got all the answers she needed on how to make her ride more comfortable.

9:08 am,
Me. On the bike. Don't my legs look strong? Yes. Yes they do.

9:17 am,
We even passed the Navy-Merchant Marine Memorial, dedicated to soldiers lost at sea.  I had never seen this particular memorial before, and was struck by the details of the sculpture.

9:23 am,
One more view of DC before the turnaround.  The whole time we biked, I realized this would be a good run too. It was mostly flat, and the scenery would make a few miles more interesting.

9:26 am,
We had plans for later that day so we turned around and went back the way we came.  11.5 miles (RT) later, we were back where we started.  Legs were a little achy, but overall I felt good! I plan to do this again, more regularly.

For all of you in the area, come across the bridge and ride with me ;)