Day Trip to Philly


10:15 am,
After getting an early start from DC, we arrived in the City of Brotherly Love to start the TK celebration.

10:32 am,
First stop: Warmdaddys for Brunch.

10:41 am,
There was sooooo much food available. This was Round 1 for me. All of it was delicious!

1:42 pm,
It took us a while to get up from the brunch table, but once we did, we knew we wanted this to be our next stop.  Named the "You Go Girl Mural", it was officially dedicated on May 30.  Beside the beautiful (and huge!) picture is the following statement:

On this day there will be no talk of war 
or politic or disaster or death
Love is alive today so we will speak only of Love
on tongue and lip and in heart and thought 
there will be only love

1:54 pm,
Of course we did.

2:07 pm,
After our mini-photoshoot, we headed over to the Philadelphia Museum of Art.  #buildingwatching is my thing, so I braved the steps (walking, not running) to snap a pic of this beauty. 

2:09 pm,
I turned around and saw that the view behind me was just as attractive.

2:19 pm,
The champ is here. After a wardrobe change, of course.

2:24 pm,
The girls remembered a "magical place with a gazebo" behind the museum so we made that our next stop.

2:28 pm,
The view from the gazebo.  Philly is so charming.

2:34 pm,
The gazebo was the perfect combination of shade and sun. So I modeled in appreciation.

4:41 pm,
No trip to Philly is complete without seeing Philly's Love Park, so we thought a one-mile trek to see it was in order.

5:02 pm,
The team.

5:30 pm,
On our way back to the car, we almost completely missed the Thinker statue outside the Rodin Museum

5:45 pm,
I have a different experience every time I visit Philadelphia, always enjoyable.  I'll definitely be back to see the other sides this city has to offer.  Til next time!