Rock n Roll Raleigh


9:30 am,
After a little training and a little driving, we made it to NC.  Me and a friend drove down to participate in the Rock n Roll Raleigh inaugural race.

11:03 am,
First stop: the expo. Time to pick up race packets, t-shirts, and - my personal favorite - beer tickets. #priorities

11:12 am,
Me and the RnR guitar.

12:19 pm,
Sir Walter Raleigh was certainly ready.

1:09 pm,
Prepped and ready.

4.13.2014 - Race Day

6:07 am,
We're up. We're outchea. The runners on the side of the ride or die who came through to support. #team

7:19 am,
Look at this support!

9:17 am,
Still running

10:26 am,
Earned. Official time, 2:34:18