Brunch at Eatonville - DC


12:30 pm
Since I prefer to be out during the day over hitting the streets at night, I tend to attend plenty of brunches and happy hours :)  So when my friend Reecie suggested Eatonville for brunch this morning, I was all to ready to experience this DC gem for the first time.

12:35 pm,
Mural I caught on the walk from the Metro. DC has some awesome street art.

12:39 pm,
Eatonville is named for Hurston’s Florida hometown and the country’s first, post-Civil War, African American incorporated town and the focal point in her most famous work, Their Eyes Were Watching God.  

12:53 pm,
Obligatory brunch mimosas.

12:56 pm,
We both ordered the shrimp & grits.  Probably the best I've ever had.

1:29 pm,
Full belly and sunshine. Doesn't get much better.

2:10 pm,
Brunch over. But the blue sky and easy breeze encouraged us to walk the neighborhood a bit afterwards.