Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica


5:04 am,
Bags packed. 

10:51 am,
Layover. Bienvenido Miami.

7:54 pm,
Finally. Balcony view.

8:12 pm,
Ready for the all-white affair

9:15 pm,
Me and the bride, before she became a "Mrs."


12 noon,
Hey there, Manuel Antonio.

2:05 pm,
Beach plans.

2:17 pm,
Found: Available reading material.

2:24 pm,
The path to the beach...right before the rain showed up.

6:10 pm,
Drinks before dinner.

6:55 pm,
Dinner view from El Grand on the Marina.


9:45 am,
Manuel Antonio National Park

10:15 am,
Lots of insects were pointed out by the guide. Costa Rica's various ecosystems house thousands of species.

10:47 am,
The landscape was lush. The sun was HOT. 

10:58 am,
The tour was meh. The beach at the edge of the park was worth the walk.

11:33 am,
Me and my sissypoo tryna win, tryin not to sin.

11:37 am,
Las primas

12:37 pm,
Beach fun complete. Time to get ready for the wedding.

12:46 pm,
Look who we saw on the way out! Three little monkeys sitting in the tree.

3:40 pm,
Wedding face served.

4:04 pm, Wedding attire for cocktail hour

4:04 pm,
Wedding attire for cocktail hour

8:24 pm,

8:31 pm,
Mr. and Mrs.


11:57 am,
Prep work.

1:32 pm,

2:08 pm,
We did it. Together.

4:02 pm,
"So dawn goes down to day / Nothing good can stay."

Good-bye, Costa Rica. It's been real.